Sales & Support
Our first responsibility is to the customer. It is our commitment that Vantage Endoscopy will provide timely and reliable customer response in the interest of minimizing, if not eliminating, service disruption within your lab, clinic or institution.Learn More »
Service Programs
Vantage offers post-sales service on a wide range of endoscopic technologies from rigid and flexible endoscopes, to electrosurgical generators and manometry. Our aim is to provide the highest level of quality with cost-conscious solutions for our customers.Learn More »
Clinical Education
Education is at the heart of what we do; connecting customers to the world’s best technologies requires extensive training to ensure optimal use at the point of care. We offer complete Clinical, Technical, and Reprocessing training to hospitals and clinics on all products we sell.Learn More »
Creative Financing
With increasing scarcity of capital dollars and continual downward pressure on operational spend, hospitals need creative solutions to ensure they’re able to keep up with the latest technological offerings for their patients.Learn More »