Ruhof Corp – Premium Enzymatic Cleaning Products

Ruhof is an innovator and leading manufacturer world renowned for offering reliable solutions and individualized service to meet and exceed your decontamination and materials management challenges.

As the pioneer in instrument and scope care, Ruhof introduced the first enzymatic detergent to the market in 1976. Since the company has dedicated to research, development and manufacturing state-of-the-art products to ensure the complete cleaning and reprocessing of all surgical instruments and scopes.

Addressing the ever-increasing concern of cross contamination in hospitals, Ruhof’s research and development department revolutionized the cleaning industry with a new Advanced Proteolitic Action enzymatic detergent, cleaning brushes and foam sprays. This new product line provides the most highly advanced enzymatic solutions that dramatically reduce cross contamination while lowering repair and replacement costs.

Vantage Endoscopy is the exclusive representative of Ruhof’s line of instrument care products in Canada.

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