Diversatek Healthcare – High Definition Gastro Intestinal Diagnostics.

Diversatek Healthcare is a world leading developer and marketer of innovative G.I. Diagnostic solutions. The Company pioneered Impedance/pH Total Reflux Monitoring for acid and nonacid reflux, forever changing worldwide diagnostic practice for refractory GERD.

The equally innovative High Resolution Impedance Manometry (HRiM®) system provided the world with the first high resolution manometry system capable of concurrently assessing bolus transit with impedance.

The current Diversatek Healthcare product line includes the ZepHr® – an Impedance/pH Reflux Monitoring System employing impedance to detect ALL reflux activity and uses pH to categorize each episode as acid or nonacid for Total Reflux Monitoring. Comprehensive analysis quantifies all reflux patterns and symptom associations in patients studied on or off acid suppression medication.

Diversatek Healthcare also offers HRiM (High Resolution Impedance Monitoring), a leading edge, comprehensive test of both esophageal pressure and bolus transit dynamics. The product is using an array of high resolution pressure and impedance sensors dispersed across the entire anatomic region provides concurrent manometric and bolus transit dynamics from a single probe position with minimal time and effort. Full data analysis and viewing tools support the latest analysis and interpretation tasks while retaining all traditional tools.

Vantage Endoscopy employs clinical applications specialists dedicated to the sale and support of Diversatek Healthcare’s product line and is the exclusive representative within Canada.

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