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FujiFilm Medical Systems is a leading distributor of endoscopy equipment, providing sales, marketing and service support to the medical community. With a history of developing industry “firsts”, the company is a state-of-the-art medical equipment provider, serving the gastroenterology and pulmonology markets in facilities of all sizes (ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, private physician offices and teaching academic medical facilities).

With a focus on improving clinical outcomes, optimizing workflow efficiency, and achieving cost savings, Fujifilm’s next generation endoscopic video imaging system provides several benefits to end users:

  • Our long-standing experience in medical imaging has allowed Fujifilm’s engineers to develop 4 LED Multi-Light technology, fulfilling the need for enhanced visualization in endoscopy.
  • Focusing on the characteristics of short wavelength absorption of hemoglobin (around 410 nm), Blue Light Imaging (BLI) outputs a high intensity ratio of blue-violet light allowing for high contrast imaging of microvessels*
  • Through combination of light spectrum enhancement and advanced signal processing, Linked Color Imaging (LCI©) differentiates the coloration, developed to enhance mucosal visualization*
  • With Fujifilm’s leading-edge CMOS technology, the CMOS image sensor chip is built directly into the tip of the scope. The signal is digitally transmitted through the device, reducing susceptibility to outside noise, and providing outstanding high-resolution imaging.
  • Featuring an expanded full 170° Field of View**, visualize more difficult to observe areas with ease.
  • With an extended system life expectancy of six years, Fujifilm’s new LED light source minimizes time-consuming and costly light bulb replacements, compared with conventional Xenon lamps.
  • The Flexible spectral Imaging Color Enhancement (FICE) dual-mode software provides an alternative color enhancement mode, enabling simultaneous white light endoscopy and image enhanced endoscopy.
  • Customizable and flexible settings allow users to preset image settings by endoscope type.
  • USB External Memory provides a standardized, widespread method to store and transfer images.

*BLI & LCI are not intended to replace histopathological sampling as a means of diagnosis
**Available in EC-600HL & EC-600LS colonoscope models only

As the exclusive Canadian distributor with dedicated domestic sales and service, we invite you to take a closer look at the FujiFilm endoscopy platform. We’re confident the high quality image, supple ergonomic feel and flexible finance options validate why this technology is quickly being adopted in hospitals and clinics across the country.

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