Creative Financing

With increasing scarcity of capital dollars and continual downward pressure on operational spend, hospitals need creative solutions to ensure they’re able to keep up with the latest technological offerings for their patients.

As part of the Diploma Health Group, and vertical within Diploma PLC, Vantage has the financial resources to look beyond the initial transaction. We are a leader in capital equipment rental and leasing programs with generous terms and competitive rates.

Vantage Cost Per Procedure (CPP): Save Capital Dollars

In addition to capital acquisition models, Vantage is pleased to offer a Cost per Procedure (CPP) option to all of our customers. CPP allows the hospital to coordinate anticipated procedure volumes with capital equipment needs and preserves capital dollars for other areas. Under a CPP model, Vantage builds a program for customer using the following inputs:

  • Annual case volumes (upper and lower).
  • Technology requirements (i.e. therapeutic vs. diagnostic scopes and quantities of each).
  • Duration of contract.

Once these parameters are established, we extend capital or operational lease options to the customer broken down into monthly billings. The program is financed entirely by Vantage using attractive financing rates.

Comprehensive Service packages can then be added to the CPP for capital equipment to give the hospital an all-encompassing figure for what it cost to perform each endoscopy procedure. This is an accurate way to manage your investment and budget accordingly.

To learn more or see an example of our lease programs, please submit your request here.


    Flex Ad-Vantage: Mitigate Risk, Plan With Confidence

    Canadian hospitals are facing an increasingly challenging environment in which to operate. Costs are on the rise, funding is scarce, equipment is aging, more is being asked of employees and greater competition exists for available resources. To manage these difficult times, decision makers often choose from a number of traditional cost reduction options in order to meet budgetary constraints but in the process, potentially trade off on equipment quality, service and risk mitigation. Innovative vendor models enable decisions makers to get the most of their investments and partnerships and provide low long-term costs without trading off on quality, patient care, service and risk. Hospital endoscopy illustrates these challenges and opportunities.

    Uncertainty related to funding of hospital based endoscopy and the impact of private ambulatory care settings is a relevant issue. In an effort to provide a solution for clinicians, patients, and hospital administration, we are pleased to introduce the Flex Advantage Program. Flex Advantage is a four-pronged approach designed to improve technology while mitigating financial risk to the hospital through four unique strategies: Inventory Scalability; Evergreen Technology; Harmonious Pricing; and No Lemon Policy.

    To learn more about Flex-Advantage, click here.